Realizations of a first time blogger !



After blogging here for the past ten days, I have come to realize this – The most important prerequisites to be an effective writer are depth of feelings and richness of experience in the subject. In fact, a writer should never choose what to write, but instead the subject should propel the writer to write. It is only such a writing that can connect with the readers at a deeper level. Words are porous by nature. They DO release the energy of the writer (if there is any). If the objective of the writer is to make his reader understand, then knowledge on the part of the writer is sufficient. But if the writer wants his readers to feel the subject and transform, then Energy is required in his words. And Energy comes only and only when the writer has LIVED the height and depth, width and breadth, and pain and pleasure of the subject matter. There is no need to hold strong views about the subject, not necessary to take vivid positions and sides on the matter. A writer can be totally confused about what  he is writing, yet deeply connect with his readers, provided, the confusion has stemmed as a result of intense analysis on the intellectual and emotional plane. Only such writings will have authenticity and ownership. I believe that when Life decides to send a strong message to the world, it chooses the writer who is most receptive to the message.

I am not even talking about the technicalities of language and writing. They are mere accessories.


Image: Throes of Creation by Leonid Pasternak


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