How to feel (deeply) ?



My previous post “Realizations of a first time blogger” fetched me a ‘trophy’ from WordPress !!! Thank you All for the encouragement ! You may consider this as a sequel to the previous one.

I had written that feeling is the first quality of a writer.  Without feeling, the writer can only inform, but cannot connect.

So, how to feel or how to develop feelings?

It’s almost a ridiculous question, but has to be asked. Can feelings be even developed?

Yes. The truth is, Every-Body  is capable of intense feelings, and therefore capable of giving birth to profound artwork. To be exact, it can’t be ‘developed’ because it is already within us, only that it has to be felt and expressed at a much deeper level.  Most of us don’t allow our feelings to percolate down to the core of our being. We fight back our emotions assuming  it to be a symptom of weakness. But the main reason why we refuse to feel deeply is because it is a painful experience. Painful because feelings rip apart the layers of our ego. We are forced to confront ourselves and the situation during periods of intense suffering. So it is an understandable tendency of the mind to avoid or escape pain. But fortunately or unfortunately, the main quality of the writer is to be found here. It can be found when we confront our pains, when we don’t look away from what is unpleasant, when we don’t avoid those things that may drag us out of our comfort zones, when we are consciously present while suffering  there by deepening our understanding of the subject.  The quality or character that surfaces during such moments is called COURAGE. One can feel deeply ONLY by being courageous.

Courage  allows us to understand a subject at a much deeper level.  There is no writer either in history or in contemporary  who sat in his or her comfort zone and wrote great books. Take your own favorite authors and re study their lives, I am sure they would have gone through (or going through) much suffering in their lives. And suffering need not be on the material plane alone, it can also be on mental and spiritual plane as well. Even those writers well known for their humorous style of writing are people with deep hearts.  Only those who have felt life deeply can laugh at it. Otherwise, it is not humor, but is a mockery. The one who is capable of feeling deeply and loves to share his or her feelings is inevitably a courageous person and a natural writer.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”
William G.T. Shedd


2 thoughts on “How to feel (deeply) ?

    • You love relating to ocean …it means your soul is expanding …undoubtedly you are on a spiritual journey. Thank you, your appreciations mean a lot to beginners like me (beginners in writing and spirituality)


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