Don’t Hesitate to Contradict Yourself


“Contradiction is not a sign of falsity, nor the lack of contradiction a sign of truth.”  –  Blaise Pascal

There are no straight lines nature. Everything, from land to water to air, negotiates with it self and its environs in a ‘curvy’, ‘to and fro’ manner. Ambiguity is one of the principles of creation.There won’t be mountains and valleys, and the beautiful winding rivers if they all moved in linear style from one point to the next in straight forward direction. Then why is the human being alone expected to think in straight lines? Why is so much of negativity attached to self-contradictory views? People who go back on their words because they changed their mind  are judged as inconsistent people and are rarely regarded as trust worthy by the society.
Contradictory thinking occurs when the thought process changes direction either because the mind’s scope of thinking widens, or  something external triggers a change in the direction of the thought process. What ever be the case – change in thinking, mindset, opinion, or contradicting ones own views – it is simply the indication of an active, dynamic mind. It’s a sign of mental growth or evolvement. At times, a self-contradicting mind may look chaotic, inconsistent and lacking in clarity, but it is in motion nevertheless, which is a better state of mind than static . It should be understood that we don’t grow with time, but with experience. With each experience, seemingly big or small, apparently significant or less significant, we grow; our mind evolves. It is not the same mind ‘now’ which took ‘that decision’ 24 hrs ago. The more a person exposes him/her to the changes and challenges of life, the more will be the growth rate of their mind; and in such cases, change of mind, change in stand and self-contradictory opinions become an inevitable part of growing up. So the next time you happen to change your mind about something, and if people judge you that you are inconsistent in your thinking and contradicting yourself , don’t hesitate….Allow yourself to grow and outgrow your past. More the twists and turns in a river, more is the music in it.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Hesitate to Contradict Yourself

  1. Can find the like button! In principle I agree that our entire being is under continual development while in interaction with environment, as long as one doesn’t tamper with fundamental ethical principles. That’s when he she can gets into trouble. 🙂

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