Be Judgemental !


What is wrong in being judgemental ? And why is so much negativity attached to this word? We respect the words ‘Judge’ and ‘Judiciary ‘  but we abhor the word ‘judgemental’!! We are repeatedly and strongly advised against being judgemental, while every nation has a supreme or an apex court, numerous sub-judiciaries, committees, and cultures that pass judgements, which a civilized society reveres and obeys. Why is this kind of self-contradiction and hypocrisy when it comes to judging at a micro, individual level?  Every sane human being will judge, either consciously or sub-consciously, and whether he or she likes it or not. We are advised to think logically. We are trained to make rational decisions. How can logic and rationality be present without the presence of judgment? Most people have no problem if a situation is judged, but if it is a person that is being judged, the alarm buzzes! Is there any situation that is devoid of the involvement of human beings? Who creates the situation? We, the humans. Then it is just a matter of common sense that in order to judge a situation, the people involved in it should be judged too. But there is one important condition here –  do not judge if it is not necessary. Most of the time, most of us, waste precious time and mental energy in judging people and situations that are not necessary. Probably this is the reason why, eventually, the act of judging at individual level came to be criticized. When there is less of reason and more of emotion involved in judging, then of course, it is a definite No. But otherwise, do judge; judge with reason only those that the faculty of reasoning sanctions you to judge, and make sound decisions.


2 thoughts on “Be Judgemental !

  1. But as humans, we always(read mostly) judge based on emotions than with reason. I feel inclined more towards emotion though my brain wants me to be reasonable and more sensible. I think that makes me what I am.
    I am not sure if making judgemental a toboo word is really good ot not, but I agree with the not to judge unnecessarily thing. But even that is hard to follow. Deciding to judge or not judge a situation/person is equally difficult as to judge with reason or emotion.
    Just my thoughts. . Nothing serious. 🙂

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    • Thanks for your add on. And I do agree with you, partly. It is my opinion that emotional judgement will, in 95% of the cases, be wrong and destructive to the self or others. Emotional judgements are mostly made impulsively and spontaneously (and regretted later in most cases). Best way to deal is to restrain oneself from making any judgement in the heat of the moment, sleep over it, and then look at it freshly and calmly, and judge with reason. It’s not difficult if one is determined to be sensible, peaceful and responsible 🙂

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