Bio: I am an architect by profession. But my passions are many....humanities, philosophy, sketching, language, music, travelling, politics, cooking and even stock market !! I feel the deepest connection with Nature. I believe Nature has answers to all our questions and dilemmas , only that we need to observe it with an unbiased, open mind to know or 'feel' the answers. I love to read, write (and comment). I write for myself. Sometimes I share my thoughts. I don't believe that anyone, not even the best writer, can communicate his /her mind exactly the way he feels it. Words have their limitations, but it is here where the enriching world of interpretations is born. We are all different, unique and so is our understanding. But, if we can relate to each other's thoughts and words, even remotely, then I think a rare phenomenon has occurred where in two unique, apparently independent 'dots' in the cosmos have made a connection . Authors/people who have influenced me are Lao Tzu, Swami Vivekananda, Leo Tolstoy, Nicholas Tesla and Osho among many others. But Life is my best Author and Teacher !

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