The Good, the Bad, and the Balanced


As I grow, I realize that life is not about good or bad, but is about balance. It seems that Creation is concerned about only one thing – balancing of the dual forces. In fact, duality is inbuilt in the ‘system’ to tally itself and be in balance, or the ‘zero’  state, or the neutral state. Philosophy calls it the peaceful state. Probably that explains why the ‘too good’ people and the ‘too bad’ people face more sufferings and turmoil in their lives than those who take life easy and as it comes. The turmoil that is experienced by the extreme characters (or forces)  is nothing but the act of balancing, similar to the swinging of a spring balance to attain its ‘zero tilt’  state.
Probably we need religions that are less restrictive and more inclusive, and less serious and more joyful.


responsemag21“Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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“When ambition enters, creativity disappears…because an ambitious man cannot be creative, because an ambitious man cannot love any activity for its own sake”     – Osho

Ambitious people with dead set plans and goals never experiment because of the fear of failure.  I have never read or heard of an ambitious artist or an ambitious scientist. Creativity and experimentation are the two sides of the same coin. Breakthrough inventions come as answers to breakthrough questions and profound art is born out of adulatory wonder. A scientist wants to know. Knowledge is his love. An artist wants to express. Expression is his love. Nothing less, nothing more.  They have no preconceived notions or expectations out of their experiments or art. Surprisingly, it is these people with no set agenda, no goal or road maps, who erect landmarks in the landscape of humanity. Not to say that ambitious people are wrong or inferior. They do have their place in the world. They create the material world, the ‘utilitarian’ world. But the experimentalists create the intellectual world. They make the world beautiful.